Creating & Sustaining

High Performance

At OTT Consulting our governing thought: 'people make business strategies work' drives us in our goal of creating & sustaining high performance in organisations through the development of strategic leadership capability, management skills and effective teams.  By focusing our efforts on 'creating the desire, the motivation & the conditions required for success' we help organisations achieve the results they seek faster, more sustainably, and with a greater impact on performance.

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Creating the desire & motivation required for success through Capability Development

Winning businesses today are meeting the challenge of how to 'create the desire & motivation required for success' by realising the potential of their people - the leadership, the management & teams alike. Success however is still not guarenteed... even for those organisations who are equipped, enabled and engaged to serve today's customer needs. Why? Our experience tells us that for far too long businesses have been utilising only the 'current levels of applied capability'. At OTT Consulting, our approach uniquely recognises and focuses upon the need to maximise the potential of people by building 'higher levels of future applied capability'.

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Creating the conditions required for success through Organisation Development

Experience also tells us that success in business is dependent upon addressing a number of diverse - and yet related - 'conditions which are required for sustained success': having a clear & compelling vision; having a strategy that will deliver the business plan; having a leadership team who know how to make the right things happen for the right reasons; having a winning proposition or customer offering; having an organisational structure that is agile & responsive to changing market conditions and having a management team which possesses the capability to increase the organisation's capacity to accelerate the pace of change... to name but a few.